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March 12, 2020

Dear Friends and Community Members-

In the spirit of protecting our communities, we announced this afternoon that all Circus Moves programs will be canceled indefinitely until I am confident that the COVID-19 outbreak is contained. The data from China and Italy is sufficient to trust that in order to avoid a similar dire situation in the United States we must take preemptive measures to limit contact.

Circus Moves equipment is shared by so many people and we sanitize regularly, especially during cold and flu season. Over the past week we have increased our practice to sanitize between every class. Because this is not a guaranteed process and now bleach and alcohol products are in short supply (and in some cases unavailable) we no longer believe that this is a sufficient preventative measure.

Cancelling classes is an incredibly difficult decision to make. I worry that I will be judged as part of the "hysteria." I worry about complete loss of income for an indefinite amount of time. I worry that my program directors won't have us back when the situation settles. However, after extensive research and analysis and because I travel to so many different communities, many of which serve vulnerable populations, I am certain that this is the correct decision. I would rather lead with integrity and be though a fool by others, than look back and feel like a fool myself.

Thank you for your understanding, I look forward to getting back in action as soon as possible.

*Jazz hands*

Cynthia Rauschert
Founder/Creative Director

PS - For those interested in booking birthdays for April and beyond, or spring/summer programming for camps or libraries, I will save dates and make arrangements but not collect deposits until we know we're in the clear.