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Read our article! "Brain and Body Fitness for Seniors"
American Circus Educators Magazine (May 2016)

f o r  s e n i o r s

      Create community
      Foster self-esteem and social connection
      Make you catch your breath!

Participants experience the joy and exhilaration of being in the circus without ever leaving their seats- unless they want to! Programs for older adults are designed to increase longevity and boost quality of life by addressing needs specific to aging including balance and flexibility, memory and processing, pain management, and social connection.

Activities can be offered standing or sitting, based on the collective mobility of the group, and course everyone is invited to sit or stand as preferred at any time. Come prepared to laugh and learn!

Fun brain/body warm-up including brain breaks, light to moderate stretching and range of motion activities

Peacock feather balancing, plate spinning, juggling, & more!

Improvisational games practiced worldwide by circus & theater professionals

Hula hoops, stilt-walking and balance boards

why we do it:

"Wow...I can actually feel my brain working!" - Participant

"Circus Moves really excited [our group of 70-90 year olds]. It's the first time they asked me if I could get a program to come back." Joanne Robinson, Program Coordinator

"I'm doing things I never thought I could do!" - Participant

"I've been here for awhile and I've never seen our seniors smiling so much!"- Chauncey Anderson, Recreation Assistant

Circus skills are excellent for developing and maintaining bi-manual coordination, balance, and postural control. Research has found a correlation between coordinative exercise and executive [cognitive] functions; therefore circus skills like juggling may also foster the executive function of attention. (Davis, 2008)

Executive functions are cognitive processes including planning, working memory, attention, problem solving, verbal reasoning, inhibition, mental flexibility, task switching, etc.

what they say:

      Encourage physical activity 

      Maintain mobility, balance, strength and flexibility
      Activate curiosity, creativity, and play

programs are designed to:

what we do: