Olivia Alworth Assistant Coach / Event Photographer
A native of Bethel, CT, Olivia joined the Circus Moves team as an intern in 2017 after taking an adult circus class and has never looked back. After learning the skills, she learned to teach the skills and can be found at almost every event sharing her skills or sneaking about catching all of the action on camera. When she's not with Circus Moves, Olivia can be found heralding over the little ones at Tot Town, a local play gym for kids, and once a year she heads out to the old west to volunteer at a summer camp for Sioux children hosted by the Connecticut based organization Simply Smiles, an organization dedicated to provide "bright futures for impoverished children, their families, and their communities."

Tim Walsh Teaching Artist
Tim Walsh is a Bethel native and pizza addict, who first learned to juggle in elementary school. The talent sat dormant until his senior year as a Theatre Arts Major at Western Connecticut State University when he performed a bit of three ball juggling in a play that the department presented at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and a true passion was ignited! Inspired by street performers, Tim has been building his skill set one trick at a time ever since. His skills now include unicycling, stilt walking, rola bola, hula hooping, cigar box juggling, and hat manipulation and delight crowds at parties, parades, community events, and even road races! He enjoys sharing his knowledge and love of circus arts and is thrilled to be part of the Circus Moves team. 


Hannah Fritze, Audrey Spinazola, Elliot Goodwin Gittelsohn, & Brandi Neidermeir (read more)

Cynthia Rauschert 

In 1976 Cynthia's kindergarten class performed a pantomime circus in an elder care community and she was the juggler. Little did she know then that circus would become her life's work (or that older adults would be among her favorite people to work with!).  In 2000 Cynthia actually learned to juggle and soon after dropped everything else to join the circus. She began coaching and performing professionally in 2003 and in 2007 founded Skilly Circus, which has since evolved into Circus Moves. Cynthia has brought her coaching and performing skills to eighteen states, five countries, three continents, and one great big ship and she is currently pursuing a Masters' in Recreation Therapy.

Sonja Harpstead Teaching Artist

One of the original "circademicss", Sonja created her own Masters of Arts degree in Circus, Education, Youth Development, and Sociology at New York University. She created a census for the American Youth Circus and American Circus Educators Associations, and is a former youth circus lead coach at Circus Warehouse in NYC. Sonja has trained circus skills with a variety of programs, walks tightwire, and hangs from generally everything. Having performed around the country, she's currently focused on teaching and researching the weird and wonderful world of circus.

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