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Elliot Goodwin Gittlesohn Teaching Artist
"I'm a nice boy from Vermont. I'm also a contortionist. At the age of 18, I flew across the country to study circus. I earned a degree in clowning (seriously), studied the art of fabric (hanging from the ceiling on what amounts to a very long bed sheet), and finally decided to become a back bender (someone who, among other things, stands on his hands and sits on his head). Based in San Francisco, I'm a freelance performer." Elliot has been involved in circus since childhood and and has followed his passion into adulthood to become an internationally recognized acrobat, performer, and instructor.

Cynthia Rauschert 

In 1976 Cynthia's kindergarten class performed a pantomime circus in an elder care community and she was the juggler. Little did she know then that circus would become her life's work (or that older adults would be among her favorite people to work with!).  In 2000 Cynthia actually learned to juggle and soon after dropped everything else to join the circus. She began coaching and performing professionally in 2003 and in 2007 founded Skilly Circus, which has since evolved into Circus Moves. Cynthia has brought her coaching and performing skills to eighteen states, five countries, three continents, and one great big ship and she is currently pursuing a Masters' in Recreation Therapy.

Hannah Fritze Assistant Coach
Hannah is an alumni and one of the original members of the Circus Moves Youth Troupe. Hannah participated in Circus Moves programs from 2007 until 2014 when she went off to college (where she now juggles flaming torches in the campus fire club, Prometheus). Hannah has been assistant circus coach at Circus Moves camps for the past few years, and loves interacting with the students. When she isn't working as an assistant coach, she is a student at Wesleyan University, where she is working on a double major in astronomy and physics with a minor in German- class of 2018!

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Audrey Spinazola Teaching Artist
Raised in Boise, Idaho. Graduated San Francisco Clown Conservatory and Flying Actor's Physical Theater program. Co-founded Main Street Theater (an alternative event space in San Francisco). Juggled for Myth Busters and the San Francisco Opera. One half of the musical duo Carl and Beatrice. Co-created the award-winning Genie and Audrey’s Dream Show!!! Performed for the San Francisco Accordion Club. Twice. Coached youth circus programs at San Francisco’s Circus Center, Prescott Circus Theater in Oakland, NuevaSummer, and Circus Moves. Hospital clown for both ClownZero and The Medical Clown Project. Youth Performance Companies Manager at SANCA. She is: Audrey Spinazola.

Brandi Neidermeier Teaching Artist

Brandi has been teaching art, dance, and circus classes since 2007. Her multi-disciplinary dance classes combine styles like flow and hip-hop to promote self-esteem and build strength, flexibility, & coordination skills. Brandi's art classes are focused on creating beautiful projects by recycling found objects and items from nature and combining them with traditional media. Brandi has been working with Circus Moves since 2010 and has recently been certified as a personal fitness trainer. She is also the mother of two beautiful boys, Perri (a champion BMX biker) and Braiden (a champion for animals).