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Online Programs

In-Person Programs


Great for libraries, schools, birthday parties, and therapeutic recreation programs! Stream me in to your class or program room, or gather a group on Zoom (or your preferred format). Programs are structured to promote social engagement and movement- you will not be stuck to the screen!

- The Circus Experiment - S.T.E.A.M. education

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In-person programming is now available, following state and federal guidelines for group gatherings. Perfect for summer camps, youth groups, community centers, and birthday parties, these exciting movement workshops promote social connection and belonging after a long, long winter apart.

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SPECIAL DELIVERY!!!! Send a special message high style! Imagine your loved one hears their favorite song outside. They look out the window and what to they find! A colorful character dancing and beckoning! Stilt-o-grams include your loved one's favorite song, dance party (optional), and a special birthday message from you! Mini circus skills workshops can be added.

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What Else We Do

B.C. (Before COVID-19) we used to do LOTS of stuff, just like you! We taught and performed in private, corporate and community settings all over the tri-state area, and Cynthia even spoke at professional conferences nationwide! She is now working on new formats to serve our community (libraries, schools, etc).  More info.

Who, What, Why

Meet Cynthia and the Circus Moves team and find out why we're so passionate about circus arts. Check out a few peer-reviewed academic articles about why CIRCUS WORKS for youth and adults in diverse populations. #circademic #circusnerd

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