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Zoom Parties

The Circus Experiment


Make your birthday memorable DESPITE the pandemic, not because of it. Circus is about connecting people and circus educators are innovating the Zoom space so that our students feel connected. We make stuff, play games, dance, laugh & move our bodies together!

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A FREE weekly ZOOM class for creative kids and curious adults! We combine circus arts, S.T.E.A.M. education, and group collaboration to empower and uplift our community during this strange and difficult time. 

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Send a special message to the ones you love! Can include music, singing, and a special message written by you and delivered in high style! Costume gallery coming soon.

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What Else We Do

B.C. (Before COVID-19) we used to do LOTS of stuff, just like you! We taught and performed in private, corporate and community settings all over the tri-state area, and Cynthia even spoke at professional conferences nationwide! She is now working on new formats to serve our community (libraries, schools, etc).  More info.

Who, What, Why

Meet Cynthia and the Circus Moves team and find out why we're so passionate about circus arts. Check out a few peer-reviewed academic articles about why CIRCUS WORKS for youth and adults in diverse populations. #circusnerd

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