Fridays, 1:30pm EDT.

May 1: Brain Breaks & Juggling Scarves

May 8: Juggling Scarves & Balance

May 15: Make Your Own Kendama

May 22: Tightwire Balance

May 29: Weird Science Sideshow

June 5: Juggling Balls

June 12: Stuck in a Box: Brain Games

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Materials Lists

Name Paper

Write your name large & clear on a piece of paper, include your city and state, and decorate it to express your style!

Bring it to every class.


May 1: Brain Breaks & Juggling Scarves

2-3 plastic bags or a couple of sheets of tissue paper, scissors, 3 long skinny things, marker or crayons, 2 pieces of paper.
YouTube After Class:  Class Recap


May 8: Juggling Scarves & Balance

3 juggling scarves (that you made last week), 3 pieces of paper (colored, construction, decorated, your choice), or wrapping paper, tape (scotch is best), 1 bottle (plastic drink bottle is best), small hard cover book.
YouTube After Class: How to Make & Decorate Juggling Scarves at Home


May 15: Make Your Own Kendama

1ball or beanbag that can be tossed and caught with one hand, 1 TP or paper towel roll with hole poke near one end, 1 TP roll cut in half (or two quarters of a paper towel roll), string (dental floss is great!), scissors, strong tape (duct, packing, etc. Scotch tape failed in my first test), a marker or pen, a bunch of scrap paper or junk mail to crumple up, one sheet of aluminum foil, 4 quarters, or something of equal weight (marbles!)

Younger children will need help with the making part of this program.

YouTube After Class: The Boy and the Kendama


May 22: Tightwire Balance

Scotch or masking tape, 3-5 pieces of paper, scissors. Wear clothes that are easy to move in, we will be using the floor a lot!


May 29: Weird Science Tricks

A balloon, a pin, scotch tape, 3 pieces of SQUARE paper (printer or notebook paper is best), a shoelace or other heavy string/ribbon (at least 12", phone charging cord could work!), one TP or paper towel roll.

Younger children will need assistance with all activities!


June 5: Juggling Balls

3 balls that you think will be good to juggle, 3 pairs of your size socks, 3 x 15 pennies or something of equal weight (i.e. 45 pennies or something of equal weight).


June 12: Stuck in a Box, Juggling Your Mind

Name sheet, a few pieces of paper, scissors, tape, tape measure (ruler is next best), TP roll.

The Circus Experiment is appropriate for all ages and abilities, but some students may require assistance and support during certain activities.

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