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Bring The Circus Experiment to your class or group. Contact Cynthia for more info and booking.


S.T.E.A.M. education applied to circus skills and physical fitness. Experiential learning at it's best!

MAKE props!
MOVE your body!

CHALLENGE your mind!
LAUGH your head off!

60-90 minute session options include:

  • Brain Games & Juggling Scarves

  • Juggling Scarves & Balance

  • Make Your Own Kendama

  • Family Partner "Acrobatics"

  • Tightwire Balance

  • Weird Science Tricks

  • Juggling Balls

  • Stuck in a Box

  • Circus & Improvisation Games






The Circus Experiment is an inclusive class and activities and materials are adapted to meet the needs of everyone in the room.

Materials may include but aren't limited to tape, dental floss, pots and pans, plastic bags, empty toilet paper/paper towel rolls, coins, crayons or markers, paper (newspaper, wrapping paper, store circulars, junk mail, printer paper), a broom, rain boots, cooking utensils, socks, a chair, the couch...

Six words: Cooperation, Invention, Respect, Communication, Unity, and Safety stacked on top of each other so that the first letters spell CIRCUS vertically. Also included in smaller font, Responsibility and Sharing.
12 hands in fists. Each hand is holding the thumb of the hand next to it and the hands form a circle. The hands are a variety of skin tones. A few have wedding bands.


Every class includes opportunities for invention, innovation, and creativity. We will explore how to create and engineer ordinary and unexpected household objects into circus props and apparatus.

Project designs are being created with multiple materials to ensure equanimity and inclusion.


Circus is about invention and adaptability. Together we will discover how we can adapt traditional circus learning to the online format. Movement activities are being designed with small spaces and quiet places in mind. Students will be encouraged to innovate based on their ability and environment and learn to support and encourage each other's differences.


In this extended time of physical distancing, social connection is so important. Using evidence-based practice, Circus Moves classes are designed to foster connection, community, and belonging for all participants. We tend to trauma by creating paths to joy through connection to ourselves and others.

Circus Skills = Life Skills

The Circus Experiment is appropriate for all ages and abilities, but some students may require assistance and support during certain activities.